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We are a French Digital company (7 of us) based in Northern France and we managed all Social Activities in EU for companies in the Pet industry and cooking industry (for the moment).

We have successfully launched in the UK and are now looking for a launch in Germany. Of course, our requirements are very urgent.

However, we do not speak German and to find our German partner based in Germany to be part of our team.


The idea of working is as follow:


Daily run

Every month, we would send you the text and images in French or English that we are thinking of posting the following month. You will have to return them to us within 3 working days adapted to the German language and tell us if you think something is not going to work. We would then program them for posting. Obviously if there are specific German celebrations or events, you will have to send us the ideal post and we will add the image/video that is best for that post.

Every day, we expect you to answer all comments of the Facebook page and engage the community, our job will be to make sure you know everything that is going on. Ideally you can identify the influencers bloggers as well and get them engaged with the brand.


Special campaign

Within two weeks will be running a giveaway campaign where we ask people to register on a form online (that will need to be translated by you) to receive a free bag of the product for trial. We support this with advertising but we also expect you to share with a lot of the groups talking about dogs, breeds etc.

If they enter they also agree to evaluate the product and fill in a survey afterword’s. There is a bit of moderation (but not much from our experience in the UK).

We then send the product (with an email that needs to be translated)

We send the survey

Chase the people that have not replied to the survey

Then we publish some of the results (customers love the products)

We are at the Survey stage in the UK and are looking for the responses.


Overall, we are looking for somebody that will give their ideas for German special needs and represent our brands in Germany. You are dynamic, enthusiastic, curious and you want to be part of a global strategy.

Are you interested? Send us your resume at

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